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Sheep folds are you in a sheep fold?

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Shepherds - Kings - gatekeepers 
Sheep - Business owners and operators
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27 October 2019  Re Funding the kingdom of God 

Questions to God 1

Is there anything you need me to do to assist the release of fund to the NKG programs?

Answer 1

My son Stan Yes, I need you to step in the gap for My people to receive all that I have planned for them at this time. You must present to and feed My sheep and love My lambs. These are those who call Me father and My son Jesus Lord.

They are My people and I desire to bless them.

For the resources to flow you must have a supply chain and network to them to set them free as they are pleading with Me at this very moment.

This is your main task, once this is set up them, I can release all the funds the groups

Question to God 2

What exactly do you need me/us to do?

Answer 2

My son and Kings you are the shepherds and gate keepers.

Help My sheep and protect My lambs in My kingdom on earth today.

You each have a kingdom of sheep and lambs, find them and restore them to me.

Then I will release and bless them via all the instruments and visions I have given each of you in GDP, everyone has a vison from Me to restore My kingdom, they are all different.

But all complementary and form a whole in My kingdom on earth today.

28 October 2019 Question from God

I need you to bless My sheep and resource My lambs on earth today.

As you commit to doing this, I will release all the abundance in “heaven on earth” today into your hands to treasure for Me.

Will you commit to do this for and on behalf of My kings and queens in GDP and KDLA

My Answer

Yes, My Lord Creator of the universe as much as is possible for me and my kingdom on earth today to do, I promise to do it.

Signed S.D. Jeffery

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