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New Kingdom Global 

New Kingdom Global Partnership information

 You have arrived at the Partnership and joining information

  1. Become a full partner with password access to the information and options to become part of the Treasury, Trading Exchange and Research institute  together with the academy see below 
  2. After the initial application details we have an agreement, we use NKG covenant agreement (this will be available after the initial details are received )

Welcome to the Partner Registration information. 

There are three categories of involvement with the New Kingdom Global organisation.

1)Initial Invited  partners, (by a current partner)

This is the first stage in becoming a trusted partner and enables the convent agreement to be emailed and agreed and agreed before the entry to be a full partner. ( this is a manual non online part of the process)

2) Partners  

Those invited who have accepted partnership after 2019, (no cost and donation option) . 

You will also need to sign the NKG covenant mentioned above to join the program 

3) Charter Partners, (closed)

the first 100 Partners (Those who have been invited and accepted before end 2019)

They may have privilege access to funding and development programs.

Please the link for the next stage as desired:

NKG Initial contact and interest registration for an invited partner opportunity. 

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