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New Kingdom Global 

Reasons to join New Kingdom Global 

Need perceived or identified                                                                     Service NKG offers

1.      Do You need more of our creator Lord God?
2.      Do you need more fellowship with kingdom business people           NKG Zoom calls
3.      Do you need prophetic strategy input into your life and business?   NKG Zoom Break out groups
4.      Do you have products or services to sell                                                  NKG Mall
5.      Do you have or need resources to grow or start your business         NKG Treasury
6.      Are you starting your business and need our incubator services       NKG Research institute?
7.      Have you a kingdom idea that you need help with NKG incubator investment readiness 
8.      Would you like intercessor and prophetic oversight for your business

If you have needs for any of these then join the NKG only USD $20/ month starting in 2020

  • Access to sell and buy from the trading Mall and many kingdom partners 
  • Join the kingdom business matching and use of development material.
  • Periodic intercessory and prophetic insight from leading prophets 
  • Monthly Zoom call with option of break out for prophetic input

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